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Water Vapor Permeability Tester WVTR-398a

WVTR-398A is based on the humidity sensor detection method and available for the water vapor permeability test of heat exchange membranes, nonwoven fabrics and flexible barrier materials. It can test 6 specimens in one operation with independent results.

(1) Relative humidity sensor detection method
(2) Embedded system, remote maintenance and update
(3) 6 specimens test and independently
(4) Highly automatic test in entire process
(5) Highly accurate water bath temperature control technology
(6) Highly accurate RH detection sensor inside
(7) Swagelok stainless steel pipes with long service life
(8) Digital flow adjustment
(9) 6 Chambers with independent temperature sensors monitoring (DALLAS)
(10) Environment temperature and humidity sensor inside
(11) Data curves display
(12) Computer control
(13) Overload protection
(14) Traceable reference film calibration
(15) 5 grades user managements, GAMP5 regulations
(16) System log file
(17) Supports DSM system (DSM, lab data management system)

The specimen is clamped between the upper and lower chamber, the upper chamber is high humidity side, and the other side of specimen, lower chamber is purged by a stream of dry gas, due to the effect of water concentration gradient at two sides of the specimen, water molecules will permeate through the specimen into the dry gas side, penetrated water molecules will be carried to the relative humidity sensor which generates the proportional signal, so water vapor transmission rate will be obtained by calculating the sensor signal.

Delivery: Main unit, computer,
OX-TRANS software, tank regulator,
PCIE card, communication cable,
sample cutter, vacuum grease.
Optional: Temperature controller, package fixtures, reference film, vacuum grease, sample cutter, DSM system.
Main Technical Parameters

Technology table
Test range 5-6500 g/m2·24h (Standard)
500-100,000 g/m2·24h (Optional)
Resolution 0.001 g/m2·24h
Specimen amount: 6 specimens, independent
Temperature range 5℃~95℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.1℃
Test humidity 100%RH (Standard)
Humidity accuracy ±1%RH
Specimen size ≥150mm*94mm
Thickness ≤ 3mm
Test area 13cm2
Carrier gas 99.999% Nitrogen
carrier flow 0~200ml/min
Gas interface 1/8inch
Dimension 650mm(L) * 690mm(W) * 415mm(H)
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz
Net weight 86kg

ASTM E398, ASTM D 6701, ISO 15106-1, TAPPI T523, JIS K7129

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