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Micro Peeling Tester MPT-1102

Suitable for the elasticity of anodized aluminum, release paper, release film, release paper, protective film, transfer film, composite film, tape, adhesive and other products, High precision test of peel strength.

(1) Professional divestiture
(2) Support high temperature stripping project test
(3) 90°, 180° and other peel mode tests
(4) Touch screen operation
(5) True color LCD screen displays process data and curves in real time
(6) Built-in result statistics, historical data query function
(7) Micro printer print report
(8) Test speed is continuously variable, setting range: (1-500) mm/min
(9) Height adjustable beam, suitable for various thickness samples
(10) Overload protection, emergency stop switch protection
(11) Configure standard communication interface
(12) Professional software analysis system support
(13) Support DSM laboratory data management system, which can realize unified data management (optional)
PTC temperature control device index (optional)

PTC temperature control range: room temperature -100°C (standard configuration); room temperature -200°C (optional)
PTC temperature control accuracy: 0.1℃
Total weight: 12kg (excluding lifting fixture, moving fixture, test board)

Standard Configurations: Host, micro printer, stripping fixture (jaw width 30mm)
Optional Parts: Flexpert software analysis system, PTC temperature control device, 90-degree peeling aids, 180-degree peeling test board, fixed-value tensioning aids, wide-mouth non-standard fixtures, standard rollers, sampling plates, DSM laboratory data management system
Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

GB/T 25256、GB 8808、GB2792、ASTM D3330
Main Technical Parameters

Technology Table
Test range 5N,10N,30N,50N,200N
Accuracy 0.03%FSMAX
Force resolution 0.001N (standard configuration)
Test speed 1mm/min~500mm/min (infinitely
variable speed, continuously
adjustable, touch screen setting)
Maximum effective stroke 470mm
Sample width 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25.4mm,
50mm (optional)
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz
Consumption 30W
Dimensions 750mm(L)*340mm(W)*120mm(H)
Net weight 43kg

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