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Air Permeability Tester GTR-704R

GTR-704R tester is suitable for the analysis and determination of the air permeability and the air resistance of various kinds of battery separation membranes, heat exchange membranes,paper, textiles, non-woven fabrics and other materials. Testing of GTR-704R is fully automatic during the whole procedure.

(1) Standard Gurley method, own technology
(2) Touch screen operation
(3) Specimen automatic clamping
(4) Test pressure automatic control
(5) Test pressure real time display
(6) Test data curve real time display
(7) Output in seconds, um/Pa.s, other units optional
(8) Interchangeable test heads(optional)
(9) Embedded system, remote service
(10) Built in micro-printer to print reports
(11) Built in data query function
(12) Automatic overload protection.
(13) Highly accurate sensors to ensure the accuracy
and repeatability.
(14) Advanced control device, reliable operation
and long service life
(15) Standard communication interface
(16) The calibration can be traceable to ensure the
measurability of the test data

ISO 5636.5,ASTM D726, TAPPI T460,TAPPI T536,TAPPI T538,TAPPI T490

Standard: mainframe, test head(1.0in2),
moisture super filter,
precision pressure regulator. Optional: drying tube, desiccant,
calibration assembly.
Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Main Technical Parameters

Technology table
Test range 10~15,000 Gurley Seconds(STD)
Can be customized.
Resolution 0.1Gurley Seconds
Samples: 1(Standard)
Differential pressure 0.01kPa~20kPa(STD:1.22kPa)
Accuracy 0.01kPa
Sample thickness ≤5mm
Test area 1.0in2. (0.25in2, 0.1in2 optional)
Test gas Air,O2, N2, CO2(Self-provide)
Gas pressure 0.3MPa~1.0MPa
Gas interface Ф6mm
Dimension 370mm(L) * 320mm(W) * 220mm(H)
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz
Net weight 20kg

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