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Falling Impact Tester FDI-8001

For the determination of the energy causes the plastic film to fail under specified conditions of impact of a free-falling dart.

(1) Our own technology
(2) Large size touch screen operation
(3) Designed based on various standards
(4) Falling ball test available
(5) Method A, Method B, customized method available
(6) Test results, curve display
(7) Result multiple units display
(8) Micro-printer prints mini-report
(9) High performance pneumatic sample clamp
(10) Foot pedal operation available
(11) Safety cover
(12) Result statistics
(13) RS232 communication port (optional)

Delivery: Method A frame, A method weighs, foot pedal, level accessories.
Optional: Method B frame, B method weighs, communication cable, falling ball test accessories.
Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

ASTM D1709, GB 9639, JIS K7124
Main Technical Parameters

Technology table
Test method Method A, method B,   others
Dart mass Method A: 50~ 2000g
  Method B: 300~2000g
Result   accuracy 0.1g(0.11)
Sample clamp Pneumatic
Dart release electromagnetism
Gas source 0.5MPa~1.0MPa(self-provide)
Sample size ≤150mm*150mm
Unit dimension Method A:   450mm(L)×450mm(B)×1365mm(H)
  Method B:   450mm(L)×450mm(B)×2160mm(H)
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz
Net weight 70kg

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